FAQ - CaffeinePhotography

What is a “Stush” Stush, pronounced similarly to rush, hush, or even mush; is of Polish origin and a name that’s been in my family for generations. It is an abbreviation of the more formal “Stanley” or in my case Stushica. So, I bet you’re wondering what a Stushica is right? It’s pretty simple, Stanley, aka, “Stush” + Jessica (the secret name my mom put on my birth certificate) = Stushica!

How do I connect with you? Via this website or Stushica@gmail.com are the best ways!

What do I wear? Wear what makes you feel awesome about yourself! I encourage my clients to wear clothing that they feel the most comfortable in. The more color, the better, especially children. I do suggest staying away from too many patterns or writing on your clothing as it becomes very distracting and the most important part of the photo is you, however layering and fun color combinations are always great to see.

What is your deposit policy? For portraits, there is no deposit required, however the sitting fee in it’s entirety is due the day of the shoot.

How long does it take to receive my images? My wait time, on average, is 8 to 12 weeks. This is do to the fact that I edit all images in-house. Sometimes it can take a lot less time depending on the time of year. My philosophy is that the post processing is just as important as the actual documentation and I refuse to rush through my work jeopardizing the integrity and quality of the final image. I also believe that every client deserves the same amount of care and attention so I always edit in order of the event date.

What is the difference between lo-res and hi-res images? All shoots include a digital download with all of your color images in a web ready resolution, sized 600X399px. They are perfect for emailing, blogging, Facebook. You can also make 3.5X5 prints at any print shop you choose, however you will be unable to print any larger than that from the files. I take huge pride in my images, as I believe my clients do, and I do not trust most print shops to print to the level of quality that the images are deserving of. Also, because I am a green-photographer I really encourage my clients to only print what will be hung on the walls and appreciated daily. I use only the highest quality printers in the country including Bay Photo, White House Custom Color and Jonathan Penny. If you prefer to make your prints on your own and know of reputable print shop in your local area, then you are more than welcome to purchase your hi-res disc with the option to include all your images in color, b&w and even the artisan edit, my highest level edit of all of my favorite images from the day.

What is print permission? It means I am giving you permission to take your disc and make personal copies for yourself, your family and your friends. Although I retain the full copyright and ownership of the images, you receive unlimited copyright for personal use only.